The Port Oysteria & Brewery

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The Port Oysteria & Brewery

The Port Oysteria & Brewery

Opening 2024

The Port Oysteria & Brewery is bringing a new, first-of-its-kind concept to Fredericksburg – a modern raw bar that pairs fresh seafood with craft beer brewed onsite in the 10-barrel brewhouse. Our goal: to perfectly match our seafood dishes and beer for a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Right now, our team is actively prepping for our grand opening – sourcing the freshest seafood, fermenting new beer in a refreshed brewhouse, packing a lively raw bar with ice, and curating a variety of your new favorite wines. Soon, The Port will open its doors to the cool evening breeze of the Rappahannock River – the waterway that has defined the history of Fredericksburg.

A Modern Culinary Experience

oysteria (n.) oys-ser-ia ( ȯi stəˈrēə)

: a modern raw bar that serves the freshest seafood and oysters in your new favorite setting.

For centuries, the river has connected the heights of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the depths of the Chesapeake Bay, and the town of Fredericksburg grew around the port that delivered the culinary bounties of the region. The Port Oysteria & Brewery borrows heavily from the history of the region, blending influence from the former Fredericksburg shipping port and the spirited pasts of other nearby port towns of Alexandria, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina. 

Come and share in this experience with us as you dine at The Port, a space that is the combination of everything that inspired it – local histories and traditions, seafood, community, and, of course, craft beer. We’ll be here to celebrate your milestones, connect you with new friends and neighbors, all while savoring the fine creations of our chefs and brewers.

"I blame my first oyster for everything I did after, my thrill-seeking, all my hideous screw-ups in the pursuit of pleasure."

- Anthony Bourdain

Behind the Scenes: The Making of The Port

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